Real Time Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energy monitoring system is the most significant demands to decrease the energy expenditure from the businesses. Smart energy monitoring system technique tracks the usage of energy of different regions of the plant throughout round-the-clock.

The energy Monitoring System is accomplished through the use of Energy meters, along with data loggers. Multiple energy meters are closely linked to an RS485 network. Data logger is utilized to get these data from Energy meters via RS485 protocol.

Finally, these electrical energy consumption’s associated data is processed and reflected within data logger then data logger transfer this data to the LAN or Cloud server. Authorized person can access the data. The data played an essential part to comprehend the behavior of energy consumption and also to rectify the undesirable energy use in the business.


Smart Energy
Monitoring System:

  • Monitor Real Time Data
  • Energy Bench marking
  • Effective Maintenance & Operations
  • Energy Accounting
  • Energy Saving Measurement
  • Automatic Reports & Alerts

Benefits of Energy Monitoring System

Real Time Data

IOT Based Energy Monitoring System monitor the Real Power and other Energy Parameters.

Energy Saving Measurement

Measure the exact Energy Saving achieved by each new project implemented.

Effective Operation & Maintenance

Know the issue in real time and take corrective action immediately.

Energy Accounting

Know your energy bill before given by Discom and get the breakup of energy share of different equipment’s.

Energy Benchmarking

Benchmark the slandered power consumption of your Equipment’s and notice when there is any variation for slandered power consumption.

Automatic Reports & Alerts

Smart Energy Monitoring System get the Performance Reports of your Plant and Equipment’s daily, weekly or monthly.