Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS

Long Backup Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS 0.7 KVA to 3.5 KVA 12/24 VDC Solar Hybird Ready


Extremely low return noise and no disturbance to talking quality.
Special charging system design for better protection of battery life.
Short circuit, overload, Low voltage, over voltage and low battery protection
With standard on-line structure (three ports)and can be used as UPS.
Use-friendly interface, Orange LCD simulative display,
LCD digital display of Mains & inverter operation status. Efficient cooling system for Long Backup use
Compatible with generators and suitable for harsh environment where power voltage is extremely unstable
Compatible with Solar hybird system Thru Digital Solar Charge Controller


Power Range : 0.7KVA, 1.0 KVA, 2.0 KVA, 3.5 KVA

Oprating Voltage: 150 VAC to 260 VAC +/- 2%

Voltage Waveform on Backup Mode : Pure Sine Wave Analoge

Output Frequency on Backup Mode : 50 Hz +/- 1%

Synchronized to Mains & Genset : 47Hz to 55Hz

IPS Automactically Shutdown if Over Load Exceeds 120% of normal Value for 10 Seconds

Intelligent Battery Managment with Protection Against Over Charged and Over Discharge

Over All Noise Level On Utility & Battery Mode : 45 dB to 70 dB +/- 5%

Over All Efficiency Peek : 97% +/-1%

Battery Type to USE : Lead Acid Dry / AGM / Lead Acid Flooded

Charging Current : 10 to 20 Amp Multi Stage

AGM Batteries Connected Max Rating: 200 Amp

Low Battery Protection Auto Recovery when Mains On

Operating Temperature : 0C to 55 C

Operating Humidity : 5% to 80%

Standards For Line-Interactive UPS:
Security Aesthetician ……………………………..CH0054132-2000
Conductive Disturbance …………………………GB9254 1998 / EN55022 CLASS B
Video Frequency Disturbance ………………..GB9254 1998 / EN55022 CLASS A