LEO Feed Pan system

LEO Feed Pan system V ripple dish can reduce the store of the feed in the dish


14 Grids Broiler Feed Pan

  • Both handle and automatic control for feed quantity adjustment with 6 levels.
  • The feed door switch can adjust the feed quantity till the feed pan close.
  • The feed quantity adjustment with advantages of facility, effective and accurateness can
  • Be adjusted by holding the outer grill to rotate from up and down.
  • The design of incline from the feed edge to the center can avoid the feed wasting.
  • The smoothing out edge can avoid the hurting the crop of the broiler.
  • The feed pan is available for rotating as well as the dish can be open for easy cleaning.
  • V ripple dish can reduce the store of the feed in the dish, which can keep the fresh of the feed.
  • The padding can be put in the V ripple dish for avoiding the chicken rest in the pan.
  • The pan can be used as the initial feeding pan by carrying down and put it on the ground.
  • The feed pan can be fixed to the feed pipe as well as hung free.
  • 14 eating position of the pan grill can give the small chicken a liberal access while keep the adult chicken out.