Electronics Control Systems


1. Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker

High Voltage DC Up To 2kv From AC By Using Diode And Capacitors In Voltage Multiplier Circuit
Three Phase Fault Analysis With Auto Reset On Temporary Fault And Permanent Trip Otherwise
Touch Controlled Load Switch
Time Delay Based Relay Operated Load
Power Saver For Industries & Commercial Establishments
Mains Operated LED Light
Step Up 6 Volt DC To 10 Volt DC Using 555 Timer
Auto Selection Of Any Available Phase, In 3 Phase Supply System
Artificial Intelligently Detect The Several Grade Pupils And Segregate The Electrical Loads To Switch ON/OFF
Feeder Protection From Over Load
Electronic Power Generator Using Transistor

13. Protection Of 3 Phase Induction Motor
14. Design And Construction Of Earth Fault Relay For Single Phase Power System
15. Temp Based Speed Control Of Exhaust Fan Using TRIAC
16. Radio Frequency Remote Control Board (Control Eight Relays)