Con Fan 25000 CFM

50″ Low Noise High Flow SS blade Fan


1. Reasonable cone designing, low noise, big air flow, strong ventilation, low operating cost;
2. Imported bearing, high-strength, low noise, durable
3. Using air downstream principle, PVC shutter or aluminum shutter, antioxidant, light weight, no distortion, open and close sweetly,
    prevent back flow of air,
4. High-strength more high-gluten strength aluminum-magnesium alloy wheel, light weight, high strength, toughness good
5. 6 pieces stainless steel blades, no distortion, and no breaking, aesthetic durability.
6. There are two types of cone fans, slant wall type, upright wall type, could satisfy varieties need of different customers.
7. The high efficient and energy-saving motor passed the national 3C certification. Also protection class:IP55, insulation class: F grade
  • CE certificate
  • imported bearing,high-strength
  • steady long circulation
  • low noise,big wind volume
  • Siemens Motor