AMF / ATS Panel

50 to 300 Amp ATS Control Panel with PLC Controller


1. Functions perfect: This control system can operate in manual and automatic modes, all can independently carry on to the generator set perfectly, and satisfy the customer request effectively.

2. Configuration simple: The structural design uses the building block system design project (I. E. ATS unit, AMF module, Key start module, rotating switch on one body for closing mains and generator etc. ), each module has one operation function alone.

3. High reliability and stability: These control modules and ATS have be used by the domestic and foreign markets for a long time, and get a widespread approval, and have mass production, mature application, extreme high reliability and stability. As well as the domestic and foreign well-known electric components have be used, then we optimize the control circuit, perfectly causes it to be reliable.

4. High security: The three phase AC voltage input for control module uses 10mm spacing wiring terminal, avoid the high pressure disruptive discharge in the hot and damp environment; The main contacts of ATS switch uses a special structure, having the machinery and the electricity interlock. Comparing the control type of motor operating, the transfer time is better short, also absolutely avoids the mains and generator set to supply for the load at one time.

5. Friendly display interface: The board uses the district type functional design, the control module design also mostly uses the graphical button, the display content on the liquid crystal display(LCD) uses the entire English spell (non-abbreviation), I. E. “Oil Press show” as “OIL PRESSURE 400kPa”, but not “OP 400kPa”), it is more clearer than the control modules from other factories; The parameters of diesel may have the many kinds of units simultaneously to display (I. E. “Oil Pressure” unit simultaneously has kPa, PSI and Bar, “Water Temperature” unit simultaneously has ° F and ° C).

6. Easily operating: The HGM160HC module include many functions of start /stop the engine by the key mounted on the module panel, the fail safe, the LCD hour count, and conforms most operator’s operation custom, reduced to operator’s training time and the training expense. The ATS switch is equipped with the special-purpose manual operating handle, the symbol of mains and generator is clear, avoids operator’s miss operation most possibly.

7. Easily debugging: The AMF module display by large screen LCD in English, the display language may directly set in field. The factory user debug it in Chinese first, after debugging, set the language to English to leave the factory simply.

8. Simply maintenance: The control module use plug connector, other electrical components use rail installation, the maintenance is convenient.