Automatic Power Factor Control Panel COS FACTOR improvement


Automatic Power Factor Control Panel COSFACTOR
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Total service provided by our expert engineersIn the field for more than 15 years,
LEO Corportion Pakistan has full – fledged expertise in solving problems related to
electrical energy. Syntron’s main thrust has been in the manufacture of Automatic Power Factor Controllers.
We have vast experience in the installation and commissioning of automatic power factor control systems
based on our controllers and allied products. We offer our expertise based on this experience to you by way
of providing complete solutions to your problems of energy management related to power factor improvement.
We offer system design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning services.
What is Power Factor (P.F) ?
Power Factor (P.F) is the ratio of active power to apparent power – i.e P.F. = KW / KVA
Power Factor is the – so – to say – efficiency of utilization of electrical power.
It is obvious that KW = KVA X P.F. Thus for a given
voltage and active power (KW), the current drawn is inversely proportional to the load current.
The Electrical Utility i.e: Electricity Board, has to invest more for providing the same active power (KW),
if the power factor is low. It is for this reason that the Utility penalizes the users for Power Factor less than
a certain value – say 0.92. This also reflects as Penalty on Maximum Demand. Some Utilities also allow a
bonus for power factor above this value.
As you are aware, it has becomes mandatory to maintain high power factor.
Electrical Power charges constitute the major running costs of Industrial Units.
LEO COSFACTORTM Capacitor Panel offers 2 way benefit to you – panalty for low power factor is avoided as also
KVA Electrical Demand Charges are reduced. The cost of this capacitor panel will only be a slight addition to the
capital and this cost can be recovered easily in a few months time after installation of LEO COSFACTORTM
Automatic Power Factor Control Panel. This is one of the most reliable and easiest means of saving of electricity
bills. Advantage of Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) PANELS are following,
For the Electricity Board
Reduction in line losses
Reduction in Transformer Rating
Reduction in KVA Demand
Reduction in Switch gear Rating
More Consumers can be served from the same equipment
Increased life of the equipment
For the Consumer
Reduction in load Current
Reduction in Switch gear Rating
Penalty of Low P.F. is avoided
Penalty of excess Maximum Demand is avoided
Increased life of equipment
Overall reduction in Electricity Bills
Description of LEO COSFACTORTM Panels
The Panel provides all the necessary and sufficient facilities to implement a reliable and long life
Automatic Power Factor Control System. The panel is manufactured in Steel Sheet  of 14 and 16 SWG
duly powder coated. Two doors are provided. All instruments, switches etc. are provided on the top door.
The bottom door gives access to capacitors. The panel is provided with the cooling fan controlled by a
 thermostat to maintain internal temperature at asafe level. The main incoming cable connects to an
MCCB of appropriate rating. The three phase circuit comprises individual MCB’s for each capacitor
out for servicing without affecting the control of the other capacitor stages. An individual capacitor can be
switched on by putting is corresponding switch to ON position. The Automatic Power Factor Control Relay
is the VOLTEC Microprocessor COSROBOTTM that is the most advanced model. The total capacitor current
and voltage are measured by means of Syntron Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter with Selector Switches.Terminals
with shorting link arrangements are provided for connection to external CT on main incomer. The entire panel is
wired using high quality PVC insulated copper wire of appropriate type and size. Capacitors of best available make
are used