AC – DC Motor Control Systems


Following List of Few Customized AC/DC Motor Control System For Industry and Engineering Students

  1. Speed Control Unit Designed For a DC Motor
  2. Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Relays And Adjustable Electronic Timer For Induction Motor
  3. Induction Motor Protection System
  4. BLDC Motor Speed Control With RPM Display
  5. Predefined Speed Control Of BLDC Motor
  6. Four Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control With Micro-controller
  7. Four Quadrant DC Motor Control Without Micro-controller
  8. AC/DC Motor Speed Control Through Fiber Cable
  9. DC Motor Speed Control Through Push Switches
  10. DC Motor Speed Control Using Radio Frequency Suitable For Robotic Arm
  11. Bidirectional Rotation Of An Induction Motor With A Remote Control Device
  12. 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Design
  13. Construction & Design Of Three Phase 1 HP Motor
  14. AC/DC Motor Speed Controlling System Through Internet
  15. Micro Stepping Of Uni Polar Stepper Motor
  16. V/F Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor
  17. Variable Frequency Drive
  18. Vector Controlled AC Drive
  19. Speed Control Of DC Motor Using DC Drives
  20. Speed Control Of DC Shunt Motor Using Four Quadrant Chopper
  21. Speed Control Of Universal Motor Using Micro-controller
  22. Reciprocating Motor
  23. Resistive Touch Screen Controlled Contact Less Speed Monitoring And Controlling Of Dc Motor With Speed Limit Alerts
  24. RF Control Of Induction Motors And Other Industrial
  25. Touch Screen Controlled AC Motor Speed Controlling System
  26. Servo Motor Control Using Mobile Phone
  27. Linear Induction Motor (Design & Performance, Analysis)
  28. MOSFET Based Inverter