Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical inspection testing’ is an in-depth, detailed, methodical test and inspection of the electrical wiring, wiring joints, Condition and quality of wiring conductors and insulation and controlling equipments such as Circut Breakers and Electric Control Panels and to determine suitability of electric control panel installed in a building. It applies to Commercial Plaza, Shops, small to medium industrial entrepreneurs, hotels and restaurants and domestic buildings. As a property owner or buyer you’ll need to arrange such inspections as safety measure to avoid such incidence that might lead to fire and heavy property losses.

Electrical inspection testing can only be carried out by a fully competent team of electrical and mechanical engineers and fire safety experts that are qualified with the latest updates to the fire safety regulations. Quite right too – electricity can be extremely dangerous when electrical wiring isn’t working as it should.

The purpose of electrical inspection testing is to determine the safety of the electrical wiring etc. in a property. Once your property’s electrical wiring is checked and made safe, you’ll be issued an electrical certificate.

If you don’t have electrical inspection testing carried out on your property, or on the place you plan to buy, you and the people in the building will be at risk from electric shocks and electrical fires. Both can be lethal.

You’ll experience an efficient visit from a qualified team of experts that will test and inspect the electrical wiring etc. of your building thoroughly and carefully with their Non Destructive Testing Equipment’s and Procedures.