Electrical Inspections & Energy Audits:

We have experience of conducting 100s of energy audits in more than 10 industrial sectors, namely the sectors are;

  • Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Software Industry, Public Parks
  • Textile Sector; spinning, weaving & processing (largest industrial sector of Pakistan)
  • Petroleum Industry Like (PPL) Pakistan Petroleum LTD
  • Leather Sector (2nd largest industrial sector of Pakistan)
  • Sugar sector, Pulp & paper industries, Power looms,
  • Auto parts sector, Marble sector,
  • Food Industries, Surgical industries, Football & sports garments, etc…

What is electrical inspection & testing for fire protections?

Electrical inspection testing’ is an in-depth, detailed, methodical test and inspection of the electrical wiring, wiring joints, Condition and quality of wiring conductors and insulation and controlling equipment’s such as Circuit Breakers and Electric Control Panels and to determine suitability of electric control panel installed in a building. It applies to Commercial Plaza, Shops, small to medium industrial entrepreneurs, hotels and restaurants and domestic buildings. As a property owner or buyer you’ll need to arrange such inspections as safety measure to avoid such incidence that might lead to fire and heavy property losses.

What if I don’t have
an electrical inspection?

If you don’t have electrical inspection testing carried out on your property, or on the place you plan to buy, you and the people in the building will be at risk from electric shocks and electrical fires.

What do we offer regarding Electrical Inspection & Electrical Safety?

We offer sustainable solution to industrial and commercial energy users through;

  • Human & Equipment Safety
  • Online Energy Monitoring solutions [Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal]
  • Energy conservation awareness culture development in employees
  • Detailed energy audits & implementation
  • Energy auditing expertise, development & improvement
  • Provide guide line for energy efficiency
  • Provide guideline for sustainable development
  • On floor triaging – for industry professionals: Energy, Maintenance, Safety
  • Base line energy audit; production & energy data, useful data collection of machine energy consumption and process parameters
  • Detailed gap analysis
  • Action plan on the basis of gap analysis with cost benefit study; cost & payback
  • Energy information system, KPIs development
  • Monitoring and follow-ups are carried to ensure sustainability, online support is also provided.
  • Sustainable Solutions -Engineering designs to Implementations.